Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Versatile Blogger...

 The Versatile Blogger Award
I received the Versatile Blogger Award from my old friend, Laura at Pruning Princesses. No, she is not old - our friendship is old. Which is rare for me. I have moved a lot since middle school - before facebook, cell phones, etc. It took a lot of effort to keep in touch back then. So, Laura happens to be one of the ONLY people on Earth that has known me for a long time, aside from family. 

So, I would like to give a huge shout out and thank you to Laura for not only this award, but for putting up with knowing me for so long. :)

If you have children, check out her lovely blog. It does not apply just to princesses. You will no doubt find so much inspiration for raising kids in this crazy world we now live.

Here are the rules for the Versatile Blogger Award: 

1. Add the award to your blog. 2. Thank the person who presented it to you. 3. List seven random facts about yourself. 4. List the rules. 5. Pass the award onto seven other bloggers. 6. Inform each blogger they have won by posting a comment on their blog.

7 Random Facts about Me:

1. I love my children like crazy, but they drive me totally and utterly crazy. It is funny how you can love someone SO much, it feels like your heart is beating outside your body- living inside them. And yet, they make me certifiably insane. Until they smile. Then it's all warm fuzzies, cup runneth over feelings. Until they do something besides smile.

2. I am addicted to Pinterest, paint chips, coffee, fonts, thrifting, unfinished projects, Storage Wars {I don't care if it's fake; it's a really good show!}, hmmm.... I'm sure there are more, OH, yup - ice cream. Definitely ice cream. They're all legal, but that might be the problem.

3. I have only had one mani/pedi and massage in my life. For my wedding. 10 years ago! I paint my own toenails and they look like it, indeed. Boo! That's one of those items on my, "One of these days..." list that probably won't happen until my youngest goes to college. She's 3.

4. I'm a cancer survivor. I was diagnosed with an aggressive thyroid cancer at 24 years old. Thankfully, thyroid cancer is one of the easiest treated cancers. Unthankfully, my tumor was growing at a rapid rate and almost entered my veins. Pretty scary stuff at the time. I am now 12 years cancer free! Woohoo! It has not been all smooth sailing, but I feel pretty lucky. Sad admission: until my diagnosis, I had NO idea where the thyroid was in the body. Freshman Health class failed me. 

5. I am a Hockey Mom. First it was soccer, now it is hockey full speed ahead. I had no idea how much I would love watching my son play hockey. I tell myself before every game that I will NOT scream and shout like a crazy person. But it is seemingly completely out of my control. Even if I am losing my voice and on antibiotics, I cannot help myself. I do not, however, yell at the referees or the other parents like some whacko's do. Although, I have been tempted to bring my own whistle since most refs don't remember to use theirs. :) What? What'd I say?

6. I love to think that one of these days I will have time to accomplish all my pins on Pinterest. :) Silly girl. If you are a conspiring pinner, you can see my pins and follow me here.

7. I am trying to ween myself from technology. So I started a blog. Hmmmm....I will never admit to being 100% sane. In fact, I am often saying to my husband, "I have more issues than Vogue." Don't remember where that quote is from.

These do seem mostly trivial and random. I could actually keep going and going, and they would all still be random and trivial. :)

I would like to award the following bloggers for inspiring me, and I would also like you to visit and even follow if they inspire you! I have also specifically chosen mostly blogs that have less than 100 followers - in hopes of helping my fellow bloggers increase their number of readers! :)

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5. Life on Peanut Layne
6. Once Upon My Life
7. The Scrapbooking Housewife

If you visit, let them know I sent you!


  1. Congratulations! You deserve it.
    Have a fun filled week, Connie :)

  2. Thanks for sharing your 7 random facts about yourself. So sweet. Love that you survived cancer and have shared that on your blog. Congrate on that life journey accomplishment. Have a wonderful week.

  3. Oohh you are over due for a mani pedi! Groupon often has a one... Congratulations on being cancer free. What an amazing feeling. Found you on the mommy mixer

  4. Congratulations to you on your huge feat and I send sincere appreciation for the shout out/ award! I am sorry it has taken me this long to respond, but reading your blog really made my day (so long ago...!). I love your site and can't wait to learn more from you! Thanks again and best wishes!


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