Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday Treasures: Vintage keys

Maybe it's because I was enchanted by the book The Secret Garden as a child, but whatever the reason, I have always found vintage keys to be mysterious and romantic. I am not alone. That is certain.

There are all sorts of creative ways people are incorporating them into their decor.

I love this idea of using old skeleton keys with a ribbon and creative tag for placecards. So creative!

Ah...if only I could plan my wedding all over again! 
What a difference Etsy could have made for this bride.

Look at this huge lot of antique European skeleton keys available from 7DeadlySinz {drool-worthy}

I'm loving the display below by HoofAndAntler

The image below is amazing (although I have no idea if they are vintage or reproduction) -
each one has such feminine details.

Another cute idea for a wedding reception or shower...
Keys to a Happy Marriage display asking guests to fill out a card with advice.

Absolutely nothing vintage about these!
But how fun is it to incorporate a love of vintage with the current technology?

An enviable set here from White Flower Farmhouse, though I believe they are sold.

I may need to buy one of these beauties soon! {from PreciousPastimes}

Here are a handful keys from my own collection, on their original key ring.

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  1. Keys are mysterious and full od past dreams...

    Thanks for tis article!


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