Friday, June 22, 2012

Risky Business

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5 Minute Friday Word: Risk


Risk. My first thought is "a leap of faith." Second thought makes me know that's not the case. Risk involves danger.
My son has been having a strangely hard year. Too hard. Because school is too easy. He was tested and is considered of gifted intelligence. In fact, his IQ would have been higher had he not been so concerned with perfectionism. Ugh. How did we make this child?
Unfortunately, the school districts don't have gifted programs until 4th grade. And then it is just an hour or two a week. "Enrichment" is better description of the program until middle school. We are concerned that his frustration and boredom will actually start causing him more problems socially, academically.
So, the next step was looking at gifted schools. We found one that I think would be a great fit. The only concerns I have are related to the enrollment numbers. It's hard to find the perfect school. One with enough kids to know they can have some social experience and not too many so they can excel to their potential. This school has only 8 other children enrolled for his grade next year. His public school (which is actually a very highly ranked school) has 120. In his grade alone. The gifted school has about 120 in PreK-8th grade!
Ok, so we can get past that. Now the big one. The RISK.
The school is so small it does not have a nurse on staff. My son has life-threatening allergies. He has to have an Epi Pen nearby. We have never had to use it. Ever. But that is a big risk. Who would administer the shot if the situation presented itself?
Risk. I am not sure it's a risk I can take. But at what risk to his livelihood? His potential?


~my little guy with the science eye~


  1. It's so hard to take risks involving your children. I remember those days all too well...and mine didn't have any major health problems. I've always been better at taking risks myself than at choosing them for others. Hard decisions, but I'm sure you'll choose wisely for your son.

  2. Wow! That is neat to have such a wonderfully gifted child...I totally understand about the allergies and Epi-pen as I carry one! I was always taught how to use it and my teacher was always taught how to use it! It is a big risk and I pray you are able to make a good decision! Thank you for sharing your story!

  3. I (or, my son) had that problem. My dad, who'd taught all his life, said, "Oh, he'll find something interesting to do." That's what I was afraid of, just like you. God led me to homeschooling. It isn't for everyone, and I did a lot of praying and seeking before I made the decision. It did prove the right one. Don't know if this a possibility for you, but thought I'd mention it.


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