Friday, May 25, 2012


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5 Minute Friday: Opportunity

Living in the present. That is what opportunity makes me think about. I am striving to enjoy the moments as the come along. Not wish they were different - or put them off until there is a better opportunity to fulfill them.

My skin has been as creamy as Snow White's for as long as I can remember (and as long as most of my family can remember, too!) But last summer I took every chance I could to go swimming and playing outside with my children. We spent a good majority of our days in the pool or yard. I used 100 SPF on my baby sensitive skin. And by the end of the summer, my dad didn't even recognize me. The Coppertone Momma.

I never strive to look good (I really should put in more effort!) but the color of my skin told me that I had enjoyed the moments. That my kids were outside and not in front of a computer or tv screen.

Opportunities taken. Not taken for granted. I plan to do the same this summer.

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  1. Wow, these words really jumped out at me: "Opportunities taken. Not taken for granted." I wonder how many opportunities I have not taken at all or taken for granted. With the theme this week, there are lots of phrases jumping out at me in all the posts I read. Thanks for sharing!


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