Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Lil' Red Schoolhouse Antiques, Part II

Continuing my photo heavy post about my first favorite featured shop...

At Lil' Red Schoolhouse Antiques, in historic downtown St. Charles, I felt so at home
to browse and chat. I have come back several times and it always looks different.
Pat continually rotates and fills the store with new finds. 

A large ship tops this corner cabinet filled with treasures. 
And look at that vintage wedding dress!

Other antique stores I have visited have a stagnant, untouched feel to them. 
Dust settled everywhere. Merchandise seems like it has been there since it opened. 
Sometimes this has an appeal, other times, it just seems tired. I never feel that way at Pat's.

Here's a great little Tonka truck - with mock wood veneers. :)

One point I forgot to make in Part I of this feature, is that Pat's prices are so reasonable!
There are times I go into local antique shops and see the prices and choose to walk out. 
It's not that I wouldn't pay good money for an item I would treasure - it just seems like the prices are marked up too high. Every visit to Lil' Red Schoolhouse Antiques reaffirms my opinion. 
Always reasonable!!

A larger display of Sassy Sparrow's product line on a fabulous shabby pink chair.

As mentioned before, Lil' Red Schoolhouse Antiques successfully pairs old with new. 
Showing us ways that these items can truly be timeless.

An eggplant clutch, new from Sassy Sparrow sits in an old wooden tray 
with vintage hand-written letters and other paper ephemera.

Space is utilized in every nook and cranny. This secretary desk is displayed in a small alcove in the hallway leading to two more rooms. The shield mirror fits like it was made for that wall.

And chandeliers are everywhere! Take a look at these two below. 

They are not a matched pair, but they compliment each other with their crystals.

Now, see this great little chandy. I tried to show a close up from inside the crystal shade. 
It made every crystal iridescent, bouncing colors everywhere inside it. Truly Unique!

There is a personal story behind this grand old cash register. 

Pat is such a sweetheart {and kindred spirit}. When I told her that I was having a vintage ice cream parlour & sweet shoppe theme for my daughter's birthday party {hopefully I can get the photos together for a post} - she offered to let me use this as a prop for the decor. How fabulous is that!
That's the kind of personal connection that keeps me coming back.

Great collector items can be found everywhere. I am particularly fond of old typewriters. 
Like this wonderful antique Smith & Corona typewriter.

I love the attention to detail at Lil' Red Schoolhouse Antiques. Aesthetics can be very influential 
as to whether customers purchase products. Take the kraft brown shopping/gift bags and boxes 
tied with red ribbon. When I leave this shop with a bag in hand, I feel like it is special - 
ready to be given as a gift. No new wrapping/packaging necessary. 

If it wasn't completely obvious,
I strongly recommend a trip to Pat's lil' shop!

If you stop by, tell them I sent you - 

Just make sure you leave some for me!

So, I mentioned in Part I that I would add some of my lovely finds from this shop.
But I have so many, I am devoting an entire post to them. Stay tuned... :)

~ All photos are my own. ~

Please note that store inventory is constantly changing, 
but if you would like to inquire about availability and pricing, give Pat a call! 

Once again, here is the store information: 

108 State Avenue ~ St. Charles, IL 60174
phone: 630-393-1040
Pat Arnott, Proprietor
Store hours: Thursday, Friday and Saturday 11 AM - 5 PM and Sunday Noon - 4 PM


  1. great part 2 post on the shop! can't wait to get there someday...soon, i hope!! do they rent space out to other vendors, or is it just Pat's things?

  2. Everything you do is soooo charming! : )

    Sammy ~ Renew Redo


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