Monday, July 9, 2012

Treasures from Lil' Red Schoolhouse Antiques

My two part post featuring one of my favorite stores, Lil' Red Schoolhouse Antiques, is complete.
I decided to share my personal treasures, all found at this store - in their own post.

Now, here are a sampling of the special items I have gifted myself from Pat's lovely shop...

One of my favorite vintage blue pharmacy bottles was from my most recent trip. 
This one has a great label for German Syrup. The typography is so cool.

This giant pickle jar I picked up at my first trip to the store. 
{The oversized wooden rosary is from another shop nearby, sadly that store is closing.}

The antique clothespins inside this new pedestal fishbowl were originally purchased
in the pickle jar above. {I have big plans for them - a.k.a. - various projects in my brain.}

My other most recent purchase from Lil' Red Schoolhouse is this antique 48 star United States flag. 
How very timely! I picked up this piece of American history just weeks before 4th of July.
We already have one folded that is a family heirloom, so I thought this was perfect to hang 
on my big empty wall in the family room during the summer months - especially July!
I wanted to hang it even higher, but I am short and I was already on my tippy toes on my ladder.
You can see the fold marks, but I didn't want to iron it and have anything happen to it.
{Oh, and I might possibly detest ironing.}

I also picked up a great vintage blue suitcase, but don't have a photo yet.
Again, big plans, I tell ya!

You may recognize the photo above from the top of my blog. Two of the special vintage books in this stack are from Lil' Red Schoolhouse Antiques - Antony and Cleopatra and Romeo and Juliet

And now, for one of my most treasured finds ever - and discovered at Pat's shop...

This beautiful Corona typewriter {with floating shift key} even had it's case and manual!
The case has some scuffs, but the typewriter itself is in pristine condition.
When I brought it home, my son asked me if it was an old computer keyboard...
so we talked about how computers didn't always exist and how there was no delete button. 
And then he started typing on it {yes, it still works!} and thought it was so cool!

If it wasn't completely obvious to you yet,
I strongly recommend a trip to Pat's "Lil'" shop! :)

Just make sure you leave me some good stuff!

All info and opinions regarding Lil' Red Schoolhouse Antiques are solely my own.

~ All photos in the post are my own. ~
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